How to Celebrate in Style with a 25 Wedding Anniversary Gift

Being married for twenty five years isn’t the easiest of challenges life will throw at you. And the high rate of divorce only backs up such a statement. All the more reason to celebrate spending a quarter of a century with one person. At least in our book it is. You could choose to celebrate with an elaborate party, or a small gathering with just a few close friends. Or why not spend the day doing something special together? However you choose to celebrate, exchanging gifts will form part of the occasion. It’s always been traditional for couples to exchange wedding anniversary gifts but as a 25th anniversary is such a significant milestone friends and family may also be looking for a gift too.

A 25th anniversary is traditionally known as a silver anniversary. Silver is the traditional 25th anniversary theme and symbolizes harmony. The connection with silver is thought to date back to the Middle Ages in Europe. Germany to be more specific, when husbands would give their wives silver garlands to mark 25 years of wedded bliss. Although it’s highly likely that not all those years were blissful.

So what sort of gifts would be considered suitable for a 25th wedding anniversary celebration?

How to pick the best 25 wedding anniversary gifts

sivelr rose anniversary presentIf you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re looking for silver wedding anniversary gifts, don’t find yourself regretting not paying attention. In the run up to any anniversary it’s highly likely that your significant other will drop hints left right and centre. If you pay attention there will no problem finding a 25th anniversary gift. Has she for example, been complaining that she never has the opportunity to just lie back and relax for the day? Then why not pay for her to spend the day enjoying the wealth of relaxing treatments at your local spa? After 25 years of being married to the same women, you really should have learned to pick up on her not always so subtle hints.

Another option, when you’re looking for 25 wedding anniversary gifts, is to think of her preferences, taste, style and what she loves doing. Does she for example, love cooking up a storm in the kitchen? Preparing delectable delights to surprise and tantalise you? Perhaps a perfect gift for your silver wedding anniversary will be an appliance, gadget or piece of cooking equipment to make her endeavours easier.

Maybe after 25 years together it’s time to take your wife away for a special vacation. And we don’t mean some cheap package deal either. Is there a holiday destination she’s always loved or wanted to visit? Is there a location that is symbolic and significant, such as the spot you visited for your honeymoon, or where you went for your first date? Why not take the opportunity to renew your wedding vows while you’re away? Or if you’d prefer to make it a truly memorable ceremony, invite your family and friends, and celebrate your milestone with all the people you love.

What about your husband? Surely he deserves a 25 wedding anniversary gift too

card for himMen, on the whole, aren’t really that fussy when it comes to anniversary gifts. However, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve a special treat. After all he’s put up with you for 25 years so far, and looks like all set for a few more. It’s high time you celebrate your time together as husband and wife, with a gift that will make him understand how special he is to you.

When it comes to tradition, it’s not common to think of the husband when celebrating wedding anniversaries. For this kind of occasion it’s considered customary to buy a gift for the wife. But why should you buy him a gift? Because a successful marriage consists of two people, working together to keep their relationship strong. He’s been treating you to gifts for all these years so it’s time to celebrate your marriage. And let’s be honest here. Everybody loves opening presents.

How to celebrate your 25th anniversary with gifts that are traditional

Wedding anniversaries are a celebration of the date when the wedding took place. It’s steeped in history, going back as far as the Holy Roman Empire. Ever since that time it’s been going through a transformation into the event we celebrate today. It is considered one of the most important festivities for a married couple and deserves to be given respect.

It’s a chance for couples to show their love for their partners and more often than not includes the giving of gifts. Flowers, chocolates and jewellery are always good ideas for anniversary gifts, but there is also a traditional list of themes which can be followed.

Every passing year has it’s own special theme and a gift can be chosen that’s related. Paper gifts, wooden gifts, china and crystal gifts, even fruit and flowers are featured and of course there is silver for a 25th wedding anniversary and gold for a 50th anniversary.

Every couple will want a gift to impress their partner, and finding the best, most unusual, unique or creative gift isn’t always easy. However, the influx of online retailers has made the problem far simpler. And far less time consuming, as you don’t have to spend hours wandering around your local store. You can do it all from the comfort of your armchair. But don’t let your partner take a sneaky peek over your shoulder, as the surprise will be ruined.